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  • The Thistle Praxis mobile calculator is a device that helps to calculate carbon and water use and emission so as to measure the individual or collective footprint in relation to the global greenhouse effect. Global warming is linked to the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. As individuals, almost everything we do leads to the release of carbon into the atmosphere whether that’s boiling a kettle, turning your heating up in the winter or taking a Caribbean holiday. The amount of carbon you personally produce in a year can be determined using our carbon calculator. This measure of consumed natural resources is known as your carbon footprint.
    If everyone made small changes to their life style – like not leaving the television on standby – then this would make a big difference in reducing our global carbon footprint. The water calculator is designed to help calculate the amount of water individuals and households use. Water foot printing is water security and recognising the value of measuring water throughout their global supply chains. It is a tool that allows water in all stages of the supply chains to be measured and monitored. As part of a water footprint we trace the consumption of water from the cradle (the earth) all the way through to the grave (cradle to grave). This can reveal some surprising insights and for example it takes around 2,700 litres of water to produce a single cotton t-shirt.

    However water is more scarce in some regions than others. The water consumption data is therefore mapped against geographic water scarcity data, often using GIS mapping techniques. This will reveal the water hotspots in a supply chain so that action can be taken to reduce the impact of water related risks.